Professional Skills Training Program

Lad Training and Certification Inc. provides professional skills training that incorporates lecture and hands-on training to provide a thorough knowledge in precision shaft alignment, balancing, electric motor maintenance & reliability, motor rewinding, vibration analysis and many more . These courses are typically delivered on-site so that participants may simply implement the skills at their plant.

Precision Shaft Alignment and Soft Foot Elimination


Duration: 1 Day with hands on


Precision alignment is one of the primary tools for maximizing the reliability of rotating machinery. Just the smallest amount of angle or offset between two shafts will result in excess load on the bearings, seals, shaft, and coupling. In addition, the vibration generated can result in accelerated failure of other machine components and the supporting structure. It has also been demonstrated that misaligned machines consume more energy. Along with shaft alignment, eliminating soft foot also has a significant influence on the reliability of rotating machinery. Bent feet, poor bases and foundations, pipe and conduit strain, poor shimming and fastening practices, and other factors can affect the performance of equipment.

Precision Balancing


Duration: 1 Day with hands on


On this course you will learn how to recognize unbalance and set up the balance job for a successful balance. The course starts with the basics - providing an introduction to vibration, phase and vectors, and fully explaining the balancing process. You will first learn how to perform a single plane balance with vectors. You will learn how to balance a machine using the single-plane and two-plane balance function of an analyzer.

Bearing Installation & Maintenance


Duration: 1 Day with hands on


You will learn the latest bearing maintenance techniques which will help you reduce costly downtime and lower total bearing costs. Topics include: rolling bearing basics, mounting and dismounting, shaft and housing fits, bearing care, fundamentals of lubrication and an overview of applications for various types of bearings and industries.

Electric Motor Maintenance and Reliability Management


Duration: 3 days


This course discuss the following: motor nomenclature, maintenance management, EASA AR100 - Recommended Practice for the repair of rotating electrical apparatus, bearing maintenance and lubrication, typical causes of winding faults, preventive and predictive maintenance, Motor controls, motor and drive system, alignment and rotor balancing, ultrasonic detection and environment.

Vibration in a day (Mobius Institute non-certification)


Duration: 1 Day with hands on


Vibration Analysis can tell you a great deal about the health of rotating machinery. But if you have a program or you use consultants, then all of the terms and jargon can see very confusing and misleading. Here is a chance to end all of that. With this one day course, you will the vibration fundamentals which will demystify the terms and concepts , and you will see how spectrum analysis can be used to diagnose faults.

Personalized your seminar with our half day courses


These are the short courses that can be combined to form a one-day seminar based on your needs. There will be no actual demonstrations during the seminar.


  • Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)
  • Maintenance Practices
  • Online & Offline Motor testing
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Oil Analysis & Wear particle analysis
  • Lubrication & contamination control
  • Failure mode & effect analysis
  • Ultrasound Detection
  • Pump maintenance