Mobius Institute Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP] Training and Certification Exam

A growth path for Asset Reliability Leaders and Practitioners. The only way to gain a first-class education and achieve recognition for knowledge and experience. To enjoy a truly successful reliability improvement initiate you need both depth and breadth of knowledge. The leader of the initiative must have a clear view of the entire scope of the initiative, with the detailed understanding of the business proposition, the culture change process, and the individual steps required to implement the strategy. The reliability engineer must have a depth of knowledge in reliability analysis, maintenance strategy, and best practice, plus condition monitoring (and other topics). and they both must be surrounded by a workforce of people who are engaged and enthusiastic about initiative. .

The Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP] training and accredited certification programs provides the knowledge, qualifications, and growth path to enable a program to be run successful.

Asset Reliability Practitioner - Reliability Advocate

Duration: 3.5

How much do we cover?

We only have three days together, and that includes plenty of time for discussions and case studies, so it is not possible to get into the details of every topic. The goal is to explain what it takes to be successful and how to avoid all the traps that have caused so many programs to fail. Public courses are conducted around the world, but to gain the greatest value, we recommend you invite the instructor to visit your facility and gather the entire team together.

The course follows the Asset Reliability Transformation® [ART] implementation process; however, it is totally up to you whether you follow our recommended practices.

After three days, you’ll have a clear understanding of why you should improve reliability and how to implement the successful program. You will also have a much clearer understanding of all the jargon, acronyms, and common elements that make up a reliability or asset management program. Plus, you will be ready to take the exam so that you may be recognized for your knowledge under the Mobius Institute Board of Certification™ [MIBoC] accredited program.

• Two hours
• 60 multiple-choice questions
• 70% passing grade
• Can be taken online or in-person at the course

Certification requirements:
• Training course completed
• 6-months of work experience, verified by an
independent person
• Pass the exam
• Valid for 3 years


Asset Reliability Practitioner - Reliability Engineer

Training Type: elearning, 4 months web-based subscription

What will I be capable of once I complete the course?

The role of “Reliability Engineer” does not have a clear cut definition. And different organizations utilize reliability engineers differently. However, after our course, you will have a solid understanding of a wide range of topics that will enable you to perform the tasks that are commonly performed by reliability engineers, and provide advice to people in the maintenance, engineering, and operations/ production departments.

• Three hours
• 100 multiple-choice questions
• 70% passing grade
• Can be taken online or in-person at the course

Certification requirements:

• Training course completed
• 24-months of work experience, verified by an
independent person
• Pass the exam
• Valid for 3 years

Asset Reliability Practitioner - Program Leader

Training type: elearning, 4 months web-based subscription

What will i be capable of once i complete the course?

In short, you will be capable of successfully leading a reliability improvement program:

You will understand:
• How to develop the economic justification,
• How to develop and implement a strategy,
• How to build a culture of reliability and performance improvement,
• How to ensure that everyone is trained, motivated, and qualified to play their role,
• How to break out of reactive maintenance, and
• How to lead a team that will establish discipline in everything it does, which includes:
• Caring for the equipment so their life is maximized,
• Learning from a range of data so the best decisions can be made, and
• Continuously improving everything that is done.

• Three hours
• 100 multiple-choice questions
• 70% passing grade
• Can be taken online or in-person at the course

Certification requirements:
• Training course completed
• 48-months of work experience, verified by an
independent person
• Pass the exam
• Valid for 3 years

  • How can i take this course?

    We offer the ultimate flexibility:

    • PUBLIC: If you are ready in face-to-face training, you may take the public course. The available schedule in the training events.
    • VIRTUAL: You take the course from the comfort and safety of your computer, with an instructor guiding you through the course. You can the schedule here.
    • ON-SITE: You can invite the instructor to your site and save yourself the cost, hassle, and risk.
    • VIDEO: You can have the ultimate in safety and flexibility by watching a video of the course. You can watch it multiple times! This web-based subscription is available for four months and life long distance learning. for inquiries email us at
  • Why Learn with LAD TCI and Mobius Institute?

    LAD TCI is the authorized training center and examination center of Mobius Institute in the Philippines.

    There are three major reasons why over 4,000 vibration analyst choose Mobius Institute each year:

    1. We make complex topics simple with amazing 3D animations and simulations that make you say, “Ah, now I get it!”
    2. We give you access to the entire course before the class begins so you are better prepared, and for six months after the course, just in case you still have questions
    3. We use anonymous, stress-free polling throughout the course, so you know if you truly understand each topic, and the instructor knows not to move on to the next topic – no student is left behind

    There are many other reasons why vibration analysts, and their managers, choose Mobius Institute.

  • Why become certified by Mobius Institute Board of Certification
    • You should be recognized for your achievements; not everyone is up to the challenge of understanding vibration analysis, let alone successfully collecting data and utilizing it.
    • Being certified by an accredited certification organization is a major step up from simply passing a test. Yes, the process is a little more complicated and stricter, but that is for very good reasons
    • The educational process is extremely valuable, but being certified tells an employer (or a consulting client) that you are capable of doing an important job

    Mobius Institute has certified more vibration analysts than any other organization and we have only been offering certification since 2005. Almost 40,000 vibration analysts around the world, just like you, chose Mobius Institute for a good reason.

    You will receive a digitally encrypted certificate,  and a personalized logo that you should use in email signatures and elsewhere that you want people to know about your achievements. Printed Certificate with ID card is available for additional cost.

  • What are the inclusion if I take this course?

    When you take the course, you will receive the following:

    • Printed Course Manual, Workbook , Slide book and Quick reference Guide
    • Mobius Institute Pen, Calculator and Mouse Pad
    • Four (4) months online access to Mobius Institute Learning Zone
    • Printed Certificate of Completion
    • When you passed the exam and meet the requirements, you will receive a digital personalized logo with certification number and name for professional use.
    • When you passed the exam and meet the requirements, your name will be included in the Certified Analyst of Mobius Institute website
    • Digital Analyst Certificate
    • Lunch, coffee and snacks are provided during face-to-face training

    FREE Shipping of training materials for participants in the Philippines!

  • What is a Learning Zone Account?

    Every registered student will receive an instructional email to finalize their course registration. They will also receive a link to the TMS (Training Management System) where upon accessing they select the training course where they are able to access their personal Learning Zone. The account provides a digital version of the coursebook and also a series of folders containing movies. These movies are actual course videos, recorded in a studio, and contain the same content taught in the Instructor-led course the student is registered in. The Learning Zone account may be used for pre-course study materials, review during the course week, reference after the course, or used to re-take the course and re-sit your certification exam. The account is activated at the time the student registers for the course and expires 4 months after the close date of the course they will be attending.

  • Can i buy the Learning Zone Account and use it to study for the certification exam?

    No, but we do offer Category I-III Distance Learning (DL) courses which are the online equivalent to our Public courses. The cost is slightly different when attending a public course, the training material content is fully ISO 18436 compliant and you will be qualified to take the Certification Exam once you have completed the DL course.

  • May i take one of your courses if i am not interested in becoming certified or if i have insufficient experience for certification?

    Yes, our courses are open to the public, regardless of experience. If you are involved in vibration analysis or rotating machinery in any capacity, such as sales, marketing, engineering, design, or reliability, you will come away with a far better understanding of how machines are monitored, how faults develop, and what can be done to determine what faults actually exist in a machine. All attendees receive certificates of completion. Candidates without sufficient experience will still receive a certificate if they pass the exam, but it will note that their experience was insufficient for ISO certification at the time.

  • After i attend your course and take the exam, when will i receive notifications as to whether i passed, and when will i receive my certificate?

    You will receive notification of your results 5-10 days after the exam has been received at our Australian office. If you have passed the exam and met all certification requirements, you will receive your Digital Certificate 10-15 days after your exam results notification email.

  • How do i renew my certification?

    Mobius Institute will contact you before your certification expires, therefore it is important that you keep your TMS records up to date (TMS is the training management system you will use to register for the course and for certification). If you change roles, it is essential that you update your records. We also invite you to set a reminder in your calendar for five years hence to contact us.

  • How do i qualify for renewal?

    As per the standard, we do not require you to attend our conferences or take our courses, however,  we hope you will take advantage of and the sites linked to Mobius CONNECT® so that your knowledge remains current. These sites are free of charge. When it is time to renew your certification, we will ask you to nominate an independent person who can verify that you are still active as a vibration analyst. There will be a small fee to renew your digital certificate and to renew your certification status with the accreditation body.