Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras can be a useful tool for condition monitoring in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, power generation and building maintenance.

By using thermal imaging camera, it is possible to detect changes in temperature that may indicate a problem with equipment or systems. For example, if there is a hot spot in an electrical panel or motor. It may indicate a loose connection, a damaged component, or an overloaded circuit. By detecting these issues early, maintenance teams can take corrective action before a failure occurs, which can reduce downtime and repair cost.

LAD TCI is the authorized distributor of DALI-TECH in the Philippines. DALI-TECH is one of a largest-scale manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras

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Depending on the needs of the customer, LAD TCI offers a variety of thermal imaging cameras for use in various applications.


  • Intelligent grid
  • Solar industry application
  • Railway industry application
  • Petroleum and Petrified Security solution
  • Road traffic security solution
  • Construction industry applications
  • Wind power industry applications
  • communications industry applications
  • Boundary and Sea Security solutions
  • Fire fighting
  • Perimeter security solutions
  • Body Temperature measurement

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